Inspired by the restorative powers of herbal teas and the ritual of tea, Thérapy is a holistic beauty brand designed as a little parenthesis of daily comfort.

Our name “Therapy” mixes the English word “Therapy” with the French “Thé”.

This name reflects our mission.

The term “Therapy” comes from the Greek word “therapeia”, meaning “care, attention and benevolence”.

Our goal is to give you a dose of comfort, which nourishes and soothes both your skin and your mind.

But why tea?

We use herbal tea and herbal tea ingredients, well known for their restorative and therapeutic properties, in our creams.

In addition, the Thérapy beauty ritual is inspired by a tea ritual that awakens the senses: the enveloping texture, the aromatherapeutic fragrance and the warmth of the hands during application, accompanied by the gentle sound of breathing.

This idea stems from the founder's personal practice, finding comfort in a cup of hot tea during difficult and depressed times. This break soothes the mind and warms the heart. His wish is to share this sweet consolation with those who need it.

Holistic Beauty

Thérapy offers a global approach to beauty and well-being that takes into account not only the physical aspects, but also the emotional and mental dimensions of a person. We combine herbal remedies, mindfulness and self-care rituals with the aim of creating a harmonious balance for body, mind and soul.

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Natural origin, vegan and ecological

With a careful selection of ingredients, our products are of natural origin, vegan and ecological. In addition, our pot is 100% biodegradable.

From product to packaging, Thérapy pays particular attention to our environmental footprint.

Join us on this serene and environmentally friendly journey.