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The story


My name is Ga Young. (That's my full Korean name, but you can also call me Young).

Here is the story of the birth of Thérapy Beauty:

Originally from South Korea, I grew up admiring the world of beauty and makeup thanks to my parents who worked in the cosmetics industry. After my studies, I followed in their footsteps and worked in a cosmetics company in France.

However, I was tormented by the pressure of the very competitive and demanding Korean society, which led to depression. It was during this difficult period that I found comfort in a simple cup of hot tea or herbal tea.

As I recovered, I made up my mind to change things on my own scale: slow down, take care of myself, appreciate myself as I am, including my imperfections, and stop comparing myself even though that is sometimes easier said than done. 'to do.

I still think I'm learning to live a more harmonious life. During this journey, I asked myself how I could help other people facing similar difficulties, thanks to my professional experience.

This is how Thérapy was born, a beauty brand inspired by the restorative powers of plants and thought of as a little parenthesis of daily comfort. The same one I knew thanks to tea and herbal teas.

Obviously, Thérapy's products won't heal, but if they can provide a bit of comfort for a moment, then my approach will have achieved its goal.

Take the time, stay calm, take care of your health, think about the environment, find comfort in mutual support and kindness, cultivate your inner and outer beauty...

Does this speak to you?

So, welcome to Thérapy Beauty.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus en profondeur sur la marque, voici une courte vidéo de présentation que nous avons réalisée pour une campagne de financement participatif.