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Thérapy Beauty

Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Set

Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Set

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This set is designed to perfectly complement your Thérapy beauty ritual. It includes a massaging roller and an anatomically shaped stone, known as Gua Sha, made from Rose Quartz.

The roller has two distinctly sized sides, perfectly suited to different areas of your face.

As for Gua Sha, its anatomical shape harmoniously follows the contours of the cheeks, chin and nose, while being versatile for use on other parts of the body.

By using them to massage your face before/after applying our products, you will help revitalize your skin, restoring a noticeably radiant complexion.

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    What makes Therapy unique

    From the warmth of tea to the radiance of beauty products

    Thérapy is inspired by the comfort provided by a hot cup of tea, both for the body and the soul. Our Hydrating Glow Cream is infused with natural botanicals such as thyme, ginger and green tea. These naturally derived ingredients revitalize both your physical and emotional well-being, just like the benefits of tea.

    Products in harmony with the planet

    From product to packaging, we pay particular attention to our environmental footprint. With the Moisturizing Radiance Cream, we offer you a natural and ecological recipe, as well as innovative packaging, entirely biodegradable, without any microplastics. Learn more

    A community of mutual support

    Thérapy is not just a brand of cosmetic products. We also strive to create a safe space where you can share, support, and nurture your beauty, inside and out. Learn more

    Le rituel

    Pour commencer le rituel, frottez lentement vos mains pour les réchauffe
    Mettez une noisette de la crème à votre paume.
    Laissez-vous absorber par sa texture enveloppante, son parfum aromathérapique, le son de votre propre respiration et la chaleur de vos mains.
    Appliquez la crème sur votre visage en mouvements circulaires.
    Savourez ce moment de sérénité pour vous détendre chaque jour, ne serait-ce que pour un court instant.